The Big Brand Book

The Big Brand Book


An attractive resource your team will refer to every day, keeping your audience, purpose and values front and centre and giving them the writing tools they need to email, tweet and create with confidence and consistency.

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Your Big Brand Book includes:

  • Your brand story. A concise statement that defines the essence of your brand and its offering. Synthesising your company’s WHO, WHY & HOW, this indispensable sentence functions as a mission statement, brand strategy and the most effective answer to, “what do you do?”

  • Your audience. This is you brand’s WHO. A visual and verbal snapshot of your target audience/customer. With one page of words that capture this person precisely and a complementary page of instagram-style images, your team will feel they know this idealised and aspirational version of your right audience. This makes decisions at every level of your business insightful and efficient: what would your WHO think of this product/campaign/price?

  • Your beliefs. Your brand’s WHY page is one part inspiration and one part motivation. Here you’ll find reasons you do what you do, and the reasons your audience cares. The truth sounds different and passion is infections. Harness your truth and your passion by sticking to the statements on this page. Your audience will reward you for it.

  • Your brand values are also your HOW. This page describes the way your brand behaves (or at least the way it behaves on good days, and strives to behave every day. These words are the voice of your brand conscience and they will keep you - and your team - on track.

  • Tone of Voice definition, description and real life templates. These will save your team time everyday without compromising on quality

  • Lexicon. Our clients’ favourite page. Every member of your team is likely to be one of your writers. They may email a customer, tweet or blog; of they may be tasked with a press release or product description. This mini-dictionary lists around a hundred words of your brand’s idiolect. Not one human speaks in precisely the same way as another and neither should your brand. Informed by your brand’s WHO, WHY & HOW as well as it’s culture, provenance, themes and subplots, this word list empowers every writer to communicate confidently and consistently.

Working with Sarah helped us better understand and connect our physical designs with the words we used to describe them. Although we continually challenge our brand aesthetic, we didn’t have the skills to define what they were in a written context. It was a hugely useful exercise that will help all aspects of our communication going forward.
— Dan Black, Founder and Lead Designer

Optional extras

  • Proofreading and editing to polish your existing copy

  • Additional Content You never know when you might need new copy and we want to be able to support you when you do. At the end of this project, we'll keep a copy of your WHO, WHY & HOW statements and Brand Book so that we are able to whip you up a new product page, press release or blog post whenever you need it.