One day I realised that my choices were all based on stories. Not just the little ones like choosing a Mac because I didn’t want to be a PC, but big decisions like moving into a tower-shaped folly despite a condensation problem of such intensity that rain fell from the glass ceiling whenever I boiled the kettle.

Stories are powerful. And with so many of them flying around it's important that the stories we tell about ourselves and our businesses are intentional.

How long does it take for your customer to understand who you are and what you offer? And I don't just mean that you're a baker and you sell bread; you're so much more than your job title, and so is your product. No one else brings the same combination of passions, values and experiences to baking as you, so of course no-one's bread is quite the same as yours.

Recognising the golden thread of story running through your business will empower you. It will help you define and describe your purpose, values, message and audience and it will point the way to the words that feel perfectly right for you and your brand.

I love stories. I am good at spotting them, celebrating them and telling them in a way that speaks to your right audience. 

Some stories are made of words alone and others are highly visual. I work with a circle of like-minded illustrators, photographers, graphic and web designers and regularly lead story-led projects where brand narrative is communicated through a combination of visual and verbal elements, such as on packaging or a website

Please, don't leave the unique and beguiling qualities of your work in the footnotes. Stories will enable you and your business to grow.

Sarah Conway (Founder)

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