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Welcome to Stories of Design


What we do

  • Listen

  • Define brand, product and service identities and narratives

  • Design brand handbooks and copywriting toolkits

  • Teach teams how to write brand copy well

  • Write copy that is true and affecting

  • Bring brands and audiences together

  • Care.


What we’re doing


May 2019

Project: Verbal identity Industry: Home/gift Story: Smile

Project: Copywriting Industry: Wellbeing Story: Change

Project: Strategic vision Industry: Design Story: Rhythm

Now booking for July 2019

“Working with Stories of Design helped us better understand and connect our physical designs with the words we used to describe them. Although we continually challenge our brand aesthetic, we didn’t have the skills to define what they were in a written context. It was a hugely useful exercise that will help all aspects of our communication going forward.”
— Dan Black, Black+Blum

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