rCUP by ashortwalk

"As a designer or manufacturer, you are often too close to a product or idea and can get caught up in the detail. Having Sarah offer an experienced perspective on how people and your potential market perceive or understand a product or core message was invaluable."

Dan Dicker, Founder and CEO


"Working with Sarah helped us better understand and connect our physical designs with the words we used to describe them. Although we continually challenge our brand aesthetic, we didn’t have the skills to define what they were in a written context. It was a hugely useful exercise that will help all aspects of our communication going forward.”

Dan Black, Founder and Lead Designer


"To say that Stories of Design just helped me with copywriting would be a huge understatement. By identifying the underlying themes I wanted to convey and devising a lexicon to support that, they have been part of creating a website that perfectly reflects my approach."

Malachy Dunne, Founder

Block Design

“Sarah was instrumental in forming a template for how we build our copy. She took our ideas from initial concepts and brainstorming sessions and realised them into stories. This process proved an important part of the design process which then led into captivating copy. She told the story of the design from conception to realisation. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her, it was an incredibly creative experience.”

Tara Ashe, Founder and Lead Designer


Biovault Family

"Sarah has provided a fantastic service to Biovault and has proven to be very flexible and adaptive in her work, guiding us through the whole brand identity process and reacting quickly to our questions. This has enabled us, as a healthcare based company, to connect in a new way with our customers and helped alleviate the technically heavy aspects that didn’t quite hit the spot in our wanted communication. Exceptionally conscientious and keen to provide the best service possible, any company looking for someone to provide copywriting and any marketing material production couldn’t go anywhere better."

Lee Jukes, Business Development Manager

The Real Maple Company

"Sarah has helped us to craft a compelling story that represents our business in our own style. We have used the brand identity guidelines she developed for our business as our compass when developing our website and social media. We didn't fully realise how much we needed her until we sat down over coffee and started talking about the power of story. Her guidelines and ability to harness our story has been instrumental in setting us and defining our business to match our values."

Sarah and Ravi, Founders