Copywriting Toolkit

Copywriting Toolkit


The Copywriting Toolkit enables you to communicate to your audience consistently, engagingly and in a style that is true to your brand. Whether you are a team of one or one hundred and two, it isn't always easy to find the right words and put them in just the order that will speak to your right audience. Our Toolkit removes the confusion and frustration whilst leaving the creative independence to you. 

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You have absolute power
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Your Copywriting Toolkit includes:

  • A 2-hour voice or video call with you to establish the compass points of your business: your purpose, message, values and audience, and to tease out the most compelling stories of your brand

  • A PDF Copywriting Toolkit for your business. We'll put your purpose, values, audience and message into words and provide you with a complete toolkit for your brand copy, including:

    • Naming guidelines

    • Taglines, H1s and headers

    • Brief tone of voice guidelines (should we use the third or first person? Are we chatty or formal? How do we feel about the semi-colon...)

    • Mini- lexicon - your brand, your words

Case Study

Sarah and Ravi at The Real Maple Company use the Copywriting Toolkit. Here's what they say:

"Sarah has helped us to craft a compelling story that represents our business in our own style. We have used the brand identity guidelines she developed for our business as our compass when developing our website and social media. We didn't fully realise how much we needed her until we sat down over coffee and started talking about the power of story. Her guidelines and ability to harness our story has been instrumental in setting us and defining our business to match our values."

Sarah and Ravi, Founders