Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading & Editing

from 40.00

An experienced proofreader and editor will remove embarrassing errors from your work and tweak your syntax so that your copy is consistent and flows fluidly. We do more than that. As storytellers we are alert to the character of your voice, the themes in your writing and the structure of your narrative. We can craft your copy into something that is true to your business and your audience.

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Easy reading is damn hard writing
— Nathaniel Hawthorne, author

Your Proofreading and Editing includes:

  • A voice or video call at the start of our collaboration to make sure that we're on the same page about your writing needs. We'll ask you about the content, style and audience and begin to get to know your business values and ambitions.

  • Content! We charge by the hour or day and can deliver your words in your preferred format. Google docs usually work well for immediacy and feedback but we'll work with your preferences.

  • It is often more efficient for us to add copy directly to your website or document if you are happy to give us access codes. Text that reads beautifully on a word document sometimes needs tweaking to get the best graphic effect when presented in situ. This will help to avoid orphans and other typographical non-nos.

Case Study

As a designer or manufacturer, you are often too close to a product or idea and can get caught up in the detail. Having Sarah offer an experienced perspective on how people and your potential market perceive or understand a product or core message was invaluable.


Dan Dicker, Founder and CEO