Juliet Bailey Pilates


I have practised Pilates for the last twenty years, so when the incredibly strong, serene and stylish Juliet established her own Pilates practice I was thrilled to be invited to write a biography for her about page.

We began with a special class, just Juliet, me and my mum, in my parents' newly carpeted living room in Haye, the sleepy town close to St Ives in West Cornwall where Juliet teaches. As Juliet stretched our minds and bodies I paid attention to the language she used and noticed her use of metaphor, continuous tenses and sensory adjectives.

After the class I worked with Julia Denni and Becca Allen, the talented team behind Many Mavens, and the wonderful photographer Lizzie Churchill to align Juliet's verbal identity with her visual style. Hey presto, a beautiful site that tells the story of Juliet's passion and skill for Pilates.


 growing stronger, feeling better

Juliet’s Pilates classes are designed to help you achieve flowing sequences of movements that will increase your physical strength and improve your posture and flexibility.

Pilates demands that the body and mind work hard together. When we achieve this communication we get to know our body in a way that enhances focus, fitness and wellbeing.  During each Pilates session we notice that we stand a little taller, our balance lasts a little longer, or our fingertips extend a little further.

Having trained in London and America with Balanced Body and in London with Body Control Pilates, Juliet is skilled in leading engaging and absorbing sessions that respond to the needs of each individual student.  Whether your goal is to develop technique and flexibility, to recover from injury, or simply to make space in your life for yourself, Juliet’s classes will help you to grow stronger and feel better.